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Dipping Powder

What is a nail dip powder manicure?


Nail dip powders, or more generally, dipping powders are a unique application where the nail is dipped into a colored acrylic powder multiple times, then cured with an activator, and finished with a topcoat. If you like a durable and long-lasting nail, then sign yourself up for a dipping powder service with your favorite nail professional.

What are the benefits of dipping powders?


Nail dip powder is easier and quicker to apply compared to traditional acrylic systems.

How long does dipping powder last on nails? OPI Powder Perfection provides added strength and durability for up to 2+ weeks of wear and shine.

What are the benefits of nail dip powder? The best part of dipping powders is that it is an odor-free acrylic system, which is amazing. The end result is similar to a gel-like shine without the need to cure under a light. OPI Powder Perfection manicures are shade-matched in several of your favorite iconic OPI shades like Bubble Bath, Strawberry Margarita and You're Such a Budapest. You can also create French manicures and other fun nail art looks with dipping powders.

Is dip bad for your nails? Of course not! OPI Powder Perfection is non-damaging when properly removed using a soak-off wrap removal technique.

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